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There are plenty of misconceptions when it comes to rats, but anyone who has ever owned one of these cute creatures will know that they make great pets. However, this page aims to tell you one or two things which you may not know about rats! Even for the most enthusiastic rat-lovers, there may be a few surprises...!

Far from dirty or scary animals, we think rats are just adorable! They'll often happily sit on your lap while you read a book, or clamber across your keyboard while you check your Lucky Horoscopes.

If you love rats, then take a look at the interesting selection of facts below - there's certainly a lot to learn!

  • Rats have hands and feet, not paws.
  • Rats can get along quite splendidly with cats, dogs, birds, and even hedgehogs.
  • Rats don't take kindly to Snakes, Iguanas, Guinea Pigs, hamsters, and some nervous mice.
  • Debbie Ducommun says that comparing domestic rats to wild rats is like comparing poodles to wolves.
  • Jack Hannah says that rats are the nearest thing to a dog you'll find in a small mammal.
  • Female rats have soft, silky hair and tend to be chewers. They're always busy and curious.
  • Unspayed female rats tend to get mammary and pituitary tumors.
  • Male rats have coarse hair as adults and tend to get fat. They're usually couch potatoes and cuddly.
  • A new breed of rat is completely hairless, another variety is tail-less ( a Manx rat), and there's the Dumbo that has big ears.
  • Rats love Ravioli and are fun to watch as they eat spaghetti noodles.
  • Rats love lots of silly games like Tag, Hide 'n Seek, and Wrestling.
  • Most rats will leave a few drops of urine to mark.
  • Rats can grieve for months over the death of another rat or the loss of a favorite person.
  • TipToe is a rat beanie baby. Ty calls it a mouse, but it's obviously a rat.

  • Although naturally nocturnal, rats will adjust their schedule to yours.
  • Rats come when called (when they're in the mood) and know other pets' names.
  • Rats squeak when they don't like something.
  • Daily servings of broccoli will help prevent tumors, which rats are very susceptible to.
  • Echinacea tea may lessen the need for antibiotics for mycoplasmosis symptoms.
  • Pine or cedar shavings should never be used for bedding. Use Carefresh, Yesterday's News, Aspen. I use newspapers - not pages with colored ink - and old towels washed without fabric softenener.
  • Were you born in the Year of the Rat? 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008, 2020, 2032. (every twelve years)

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