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In Memory of my Beloved Pet Rats

Red Rose

If you have a pet rat, eventually you'll need to know what to do when your rat's life is ending or needs to be ended. Please read Mary Ann Isaksen's article on euthanasia, to find out why depending on a vet to do it humanely might not always be the best idea, and other very helpful advice for when that difficult time comes.

(More Photos to come as I find them)

Pierre - He was big-boned at 2 lbs. He was gorgeous but a breeder's cast-off since he bit some family members. I almost reluctantly took him in at a year old. But with a lot of patience, love, and a few scars, Pierre came to be incredibly loving and even stopped biting anyone. He became a one-person rat and acted as my bodyguard. I euthanized with chloroform at the painful stages of Pneumonia from Mycoplasmosis. He was at least 3 years old when he died March 5, 2002.

Willy See Xmas photo - Everyone loved Willy. He was friendly, smart, and enjoyed a strong shoulder to sleep on. Died from Mycoplasmosis but didn't need euthanizing since the kidneys shut down first (relatively painless). The myco affected his breathing, he wasn't gasping from pneomonia like many rats do, which is painful for them and painful for us to watch them die from. DOB March 2000 - February 24, 2002.

Emilio See Xmas photo - Blue Berkshire. Litter box trained, Emilio was dignified and proud of his alpha rat status as pal to Willy. He lived his motto, "Cleanliness is next to Godliness." Emilio was fastidious about his living quarters, which included an open cage (as with all my rats) and my desk drawer. Euthanized with chloroform at the painful stages of Pneumonia from Mycoplasmosis. DOB Unknown (2 years+) - August 14, 2001.

(That white part below his chin is the towel tag, not Emilio's teeth.)

Weezer - My beige-hooded rascal who put the fear of God and rodents into my cats and relatives. Expertise: Teeth cleaner and fond of arranging pots and pans during midnight sprees. Traces of "Weezer was here!" can still be found throughout the house. Died of kidney failure from Mycoplasmosis. August 17, 1997 - December 19, 1999.

Teddy - Gentle and shy, he looked like a cute, black Teddy Bear, hence his name. Expertise: Housekeeping and defensive martial arts maneuvers. Such a sweet soul, he was no match for arch-enemy Weezer. When Teddy died, I caught Weezer trying to nudge his body off the counter. Teddy died of kidney failure from Mycoplasmosis. July 31, 1997 - July 7, 1999.

Willow - My chocolate-hooded Dumbo, all-business, sweet-natured Capricorn girl. Expertise: Building homes and babysitting. Underneath her don't-mess-with-me attitude with her buddy, Bouncer and everyone's nemesis, Weezer, she became a loving caretaker to fear-laden Teddy. Died of Uterine Cancer. January 17, 1996 - July 30, 1998.

Bouncer - My first rat, my handsome, loving, blue-hooded Leo boy. My love for him began a wonderful phase of appreciation and love for all rats. Experise: Spreading love, joy, and laughs. Died of Pneumonia from Mycoplasmosis. August 14, 1995 - October 25, 1997.

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